• 9.58 distance au
  • 5.7 x10/26 95
  • radius 60268
  • volume 754 Earths

Saturns Rings

We’re not sure where they come from. The bits in the rings are about the same size of a house and they’re about the mass of one of Saturns Moons.

Because these sit within the Roche limit then it makes sense that it /was/ a moon that was ripped apart…

Saturns Moons


Nicknamed the death star because it looked similar. Awesome picture. The movie came out before the crater was found though.  The moon is 400km across, the creator is 140km… It’ astonishingly

Hyperion: Light. Super light. Earth is 5.5 grams per cubic centimeter but the moon is 0.5 (water is 1).

Titan: Radius 40% of Earth
120% the size of Mercury
It is the only moon to have an atmosphere…. 98.4% Nitrogen. A lot of people see it as an early Earth.

It has a coast, lakes… everything like earth but instead of water it’s liquid methane.

2005 we landed on Titan using the Cassini mission. This is the only place we’ve ever landed

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