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ISS and Mercury Too

Transits of Mercury are relatively rare. Monday’s leisurely 7.5 hour long event was only the 2nd of 14 Mercury transits in the 21st century. If you’re willing to travel, transits of the International Space Station can be more frequent though,...

/ May 14, 2016
Saturn ISS

International Space Station Transits Saturn

From low Earth orbit to the outer Solar System, this remarkable video frame composite follows the International Space Station’s transit of Saturn. On January 15, the well-timed capture from a site near Dulmen, Germany required telescope and camera to be...

/ January 24, 2016

A Dark Earth with a Red Sprite

If you told me that the Northern Lights were the only lighting phenomenon on Earth then I would have been in agreement… that was until I realised there were such things as a Red Sprite. Read more about it below (originally...

/ December 23, 2015