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Geminid Meteors over Chile

Are meteors streaming out from a point in the sky? Yes, in a way. When the Earth crosses a stream of Sun-orbiting meteors, these meteors appear to come from the direction of the stream — with the directional point called...

/ December 8, 2019

Aurorae on Jupiter

Jupiter has aurorae. Like Earth, the magnetic field of the gas giant funnels charged particles released from the Sun onto the poles. As these particles strike the atmosphere, electrons are temporarily knocked away from existing gas molecules. Electric force attracts these electrons...

/ July 14, 2016
New Horizons Jupiter Clouds The Universe

Jupiters Clouds from New Horizons

I’m very excited for the arrival of Juno, the Mission due to reach Jupiter on the 4th July. The New Horizons spacecraft took some stunning images of Jupiter on its way out to Pluto. Famous for its Great Red Spot,...

/ June 27, 2016
Mars, Saturn, Jupiter

Three Planets from Pic du Midi

Seen any planets lately? All three planets now shining brightly in the night sky are imaged in these panels, captured last week with the 1 meter telescope at Pic du Midi Observatory in the French Pyrenees. Near opposition and closest...

/ June 3, 2016

The Surface of Europa

An enhanced-color view, this image covers a 350 by 750 kilometer swath across the surface of Jupiter’s tantalizing moon Europa. The close-up combines high-resolution image data with lower resolution colour data from observations made in 1998 by the Galileo spacecraft....

/ May 20, 2016

Auroras and the Magnetosphere of Jupiter

Jupiter has auroras. Like near the Earth, the magnetic field of our Solar System‘s largest planet compresses when impacted by a gust of charged particles from the Sun. This magnetic compression funnels charged particles towards Jupiter‘s poles and down into...

/ April 9, 2016

Moons and Jupiter

In this wonderful picture you can see our own moon along with the faint glow of Jupiter and it’s own surrounding moons. March is a wonderful month for spotting Jupiter and it’s moons as it has it’s closest approach to...

/ March 11, 2016

Planets of the Morning

This is a wonderful image and is a highlight for anyone that is able to rise as the sun nears the horizon int he morning. While Jupiter is by far the largest planet in the Solar System it is surprising...

/ November 27, 2015