The concept of matter and antimatter is confusing.  Essentially it is theorised that when the big bang occurred it should have created the same amount of matter and antimatter, and when those two object pairs come into contact with each other they obliterate into nothing.

Somehow though there was more matter than antimatter, and therefore the Universe was born into existence.

I have a so-so theory that in other dimensions this creation of matter and antimatter happens all of the time, turning into effectively nothing. Sometimes there is a stutter in the process though and as a result all the matter thrust into existence causes a big bang and a new universe. Given that it can go one way, there’s no reason that there couldn’t also be a universe based upon antimatter where protons are negative and electrons are positive… lets just hope our universe never bumps into that one because we’ll all be gone….

Why is there more matter than antimatter in the Universe? To better understand this facet of basic physics, energy departments in China and the USA led in the creation of the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment. Located under thick rock about 50 kilometers northeast of Hong Kong, China, eight Daya Bay detectors monitor antineutrinos emitted by six nearby nuclear reactors. Featured here, a camera looks along one of the Daya Bay detectors, imaging photon sensors that pick up faint light emitted by antineutrinos interacting with fluids in the detector. Early results indicate an unexpectedly high rate of one type of antineutrino changing into another, a rate which, if confirmed, could imply the existence of a previously undetected type of neutrino as well as impact humanity’s comprehension of fundamental particle reactions that occurred within the first few seconds of the Big Bang.

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