Although Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System we still no very little about its inner workings. One of the main purpose of the Juno Mission is to determine what is happening under the think layer of gas and what exists at the Jupiters core.

Juno is due to reach Jupiter on 4th July 2016 at which point it will begin it spend 20 months at Jupiter orbiting a total of 37 times while it performs its tests.

The tests will be using infrared and microwave instruments to measure the thermal radiation coming from within Jupiters atmosphere. The tests are to find the amount and distribution of water (and therefore oxygen) in the hope that it points towards a better understanding of Jupiters origins. Other tests will look at it’s gravitational field and polar magnetosphere.

The Juno mission is set to conclude in February 2018, after completing 37 orbits around Jupiter, when the probe will be de-orbited to burn up in Jupiter’s outer atmosphere, so as to avoid any possibility of impact and biological contamination of one of its moons.

Mission Timeline

Juno Mission Launch

Juno launches.


Earth Gravity Assist

Juno performed a gravity assist speed boost from Earth.