Our Sun is pretty damn big — so big in fact that it has a volume of 1.3 million Earths — but our Sun has nothing on the largest Star inside the star cluster Westerlund 1.

The biggest star inside of Westerlund 1 star cluster is the star Westerlund 1-26 which is so big that if it were in place of our Sun it would reach out beyond the orbit of Jupiter!!!!

Star cluster Westerlund 1 is home to some of the largest and most massive stars known. It is headlined by the star Westerlund 1-26, a red supergiant star so big that if placed in the center of our Solar System, it would extend out past the orbit of Jupiter. Additionally, the young star cluster is home to 3 other red supergiants, 6 yellow hypergiant stars, 24 Wolf-Rayet stars, and several even-more unusual stars that continue to be studied. Westerlund 1 is relatively close-by for a star cluster at a distance of 15,000 light years, giving astronomers a good laboratory to study the development of massive stars. The featured image of Westerlund 1 was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope toward the southern constellation of the Altar (Ara). Although presently classified as a “super” open cluster, Westerlund 1 may evolve into a low mass globular cluster over the next billion years.

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